Patti Adler

BFA Representatives and ExCom Members,

Thank you to all of you who were able to attend the meeting yesterday.  This is a very stressful time for everybody and I appreciate the overall professionalism displayed at the meeting by the BFA.  I promised to release minutes of the meeting and we will be doing that later today or tomorrow morning at the latest.  We are transcribing the comments to make sure we get everything accurate for a summary.  However, as I know many of your colleagues are very interested in what was discussed, here is a brief summary that you can pass along until the more detailed minutes are available.

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BFA Letter to the Faculty

December BFA Letter to the Faculty

Being Bold and Being Boulder: A Faculty Call to Action

Be Boulder. As the University of Colorado embraces this tag line, there is no better time to consider what it means for our faculty community to embody the essence of being bold.  I believe that our community is comprised of individuals who demonstrate bold thinking and inspire our students to Be Boulder.  However, as a faculty we need to actively consider what it means to foster and cultivate this ideal.  What does it mean as a faculty and a campus to be bold?  The answer to this question may take many forms.  In this editorial, I put forward my own perspectives as an avenue to generate discussion.  These are critical questions, I encourage you to engage in the conversation with me.

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